O2 – Stimmungsbild


  • Audio implementation: Plan8


  • SOTD

Together with B-reel Stockholm we made this music experience for O2 germany. The idea is that by collecting and counting geotagged tweets containing hashtags describing happiness in various forms, like #happiness #joy #content etc. we can get a picture of how a city “feels” for the moment. Our job was to connect those happy feelings with music and sound. So if you look at Berlin, and many people express happiness through their tweets, Berlin will get a relatively high happiness level compared to other German cities at that very moment. Now, the reality showed that most of the german cities seemed content, so we had to tweak the music to reflect people being 57% content as opposed to say 62% content. :-)! How to do that? We produced a series of musical arrangements based on the same scale, key and bpm and then by qualitative testing ordered the arrangements on a less happy – more happy scale. Interestingly enough, most people put the arrangements in the same order, leaving us with a satisfactory method of how to play the music on the site. Now this is not to be considered as a scientific proof of any kind, but for the purpose of the site, it worked. We┬┤re happy ;-)

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