Clouds over Cuba


  • Director: Ben Tricklebank
  • Production: Tool
  • Audio implementation: Plan8
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  • SOTM
  • SOTD
  • Awarded

This is the kind of site that really impresses us. It´s really useful! Sure, the web is about a lot of fun stuff too, but this makes us proud we work in the digital realm. It´s been proven to work for other people too. It won SOTD, SOTM, MOTD and tech excellence award already, and we are pretty sure, more is yet to come.

The site is produced by Tool of North America with interactive director Ben Tricklebank. We made all music, in all over 40 mins of original music. We also programmed the logic and synching to the site for all audio.

This site works like a charm on mobile devices too, where we make use of the Web Audio Api by google.

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