Racer: A Chrome Experiment


  • Production: Activetheory / HUSH
  • Client: Google
  • Audio implementation: Plan8
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Racer is a chrome experiment by Google Creative Lab, where you and your friends line up your phones or tablets to create a scalectrix-like race track across several screens.

For the Racer, first demoed on Google I/O, Plan8 created the dynamic music and sound experience out of an original composition by Giorgio Moroder. It features dynamic engine sound, and other race effects, but more importantly a dynamic music mix that spreads out over several devices as you join.
A multi-speaker-realtime-installation with your smartphone.

There is also a real table version of the game that lets visitors at the Google I/O race against each other.
To get the music sync between devices to perfection, we joined forces with 14islands. Soon we’ll be posting a in detail description on how it was all done. Stay tuned!

More about the project here: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/casestudies/racer-sound/

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